The most important tool are special poles. A lot of people use trekking poles, but NW poles are different. Nordic Walking poles are lightweight, easy to handle with a special loop called  “glove” which helps to correct technique, because fingers are behind our body completely relaxed. Pole is terminated by asphalt paw, which is always directed backwards. We recommend one-piece poles, you do not have to adjust them and check while walking. We do not recommend buying poles through internet, you should always try them for a perfect fitting. Length of hole should be long such that arm is in the right angle at the elbow.   ” Glove ” must also fit well, it is usually labeled ” R ” – right hand and ” L ” – left hand , it should be neither large nor small . Quality poles can be bought already from 45 euros per couple, they will last you years . _V5B9117 copy_V5B9122 copypalice v trave

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